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athenewolfe posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2011 8:44pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

I really enjoyed this story! Excellent piece!

lwj2 posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2011 4:56am for "Indifference and Neglect"

Great story! Defeated him in Mortal Kombat ... that's a neat twist!

miki24 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th May 2011 6:47pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

great story!!!

Andrius posted a comment on Wednesday 4th May 2011 3:04pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

"the ancient and noble washing machine of Black, White and mixed-coloureds"

This part was hilarious! I laughed out loud :)

Andrius posted a comment on Monday 2nd May 2011 9:55pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

This was certainly... Different, but a very enjoyable story. An interesting twist on Voldemort that I haven't seen before.

Hurin posted a comment on Saturday 12th March 2011 7:28pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

This story was just too much. But I did enjoy it.

Thanks for writing!

sylvie grey posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd February 2011 2:24pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

a thouroughly enjoyable read. thank you

Sankara posted a comment on Tuesday 15th February 2011 1:23pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

I did enjoy this story, but it seemed to be two different stories merged in to one. At first I thought the encounter on the beach was a dream sequence, and was quite confused when it turned out to be true.

Meandering Fox posted a comment on Friday 11th February 2011 7:30am for "Indifference and Neglect"

Good stuff. The story got a bit crack-y towards the end, but in a hilariously enjoyable way. Thanks for writing.

noreenklose posted a comment on Wednesday 9th February 2011 4:26am for "Indifference and Neglect"

Excellent! I really enjoyed the story. Molly, Ron, & Dumbles were dumber than a brick all the way through the story. I really get a charge out of that. Thank you for writing this. I just wish that something had been done to the Dursleys. It's such a shame that the Death Eaters couldn't have had a go at them before Tom's reformation.



LadyGrelka posted a comment on Wednesday 9th February 2011 3:01am for "Indifference and Neglect"

I liked it, I really did, I do wish that Remus would not have been a 'bad guy' so to speak. I do think this is the only Harry/Hermione or Harry with any female story that I like.

Tenchifew posted a comment on Friday 4th February 2011 6:26pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

Thank you for your work, it was truly enjoyable reading. A rare and refreshing Harry who does not forgive everyone at once.

alphaomega posted a comment on Sunday 23rd January 2011 1:01pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

Wonderful story. Possible sequel?

thaumologist posted a comment on Saturday 22nd January 2011 1:41pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

Very much enjoyed this. You remembered to use scene break lines (thank god) and wrote a well paced piece.

I love how you ended this - you wrote the key storyline in detail, fleshing it out so that two or three months covered everything, and then your epilogue covers the next few years, a fantastic collection.

Thanks for being awesome


Padfoot posted a comment on Wednesday 12th January 2011 9:53am for "Indifference and Neglect"

Epic. And speaking as someone who lives in Pinellas, that part made me grin from ear to ear. Nice!Voldemort was interesting although the Mcgonagal riding crop is going to require bleaching of my eyeballs to erase it. Sarcastic!andIndifferent!Harry was absolutely hilarious. Congrats on a wonderful story.

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th January 2011 6:15pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

This was a fantastic story and a joy to read Harry said and did so much that should have been said in the books.

The five different thoughts were illuminating and rather funny. A good name for this story and seems to sum up Harry’s existence.

I loved how Harry questioned why he should fight for such a fickle people and society Harry’s fate and burden was very unfair given his lack of support.

Harry said much that needed to be about events at Hogwarts, the Dursley’s, a lack of training and support, the blood wards, Remus and how he was been treated by his so called friends and the Order. How Molly was talked to by Harry was fantastic and the oaths her sons made were a good finishing touch the fact her children left home so quickly and were so fare away does speak volumes about her parenting skills.

Forgetting Harry’s birthday was a really great way to separate Harry’s true friends and those who were fair weather or not very good. I felt the biggest problem Harry had in the books was he was isolated so much and anything really big he was on his own it made a great and compelling read that Harry accepted this and his fate rather than ran or complained about it.

I liked Harry’s argument for not talking to and trusting Tonks and the Remus/Tonks relationship did seem rather desperate and because of the war and loneliness to me.

The use of Will’s and titles was greatly appreciated as was Harry realisation of his fate, life and lack of real accomplishment as Harry’s lack of awareness and idiocy in using all his available resources like Dobby and the fact the world need him to make life more bearable and deal with the Dark Lord really annoyed me.

Thanks for making use of Mrs Black and the wards at number 12, the suffering of Ron is always a good thing.

I liked the information on what the Order actually did as they did not seem to do much or seem very effective.

A good explanation as to why Hermione would go with Ron as I think Hermione being as naive as she was would pick safe and simple Ron over dangerous and exciting Harry. It was inevitable the Grangers did not approve of Ron but let Hermione realise her mistake was nice and the only way she would learn as in most fics and in the books Hermione is rarely wrong or never admits it. I did like the relationship between Harry and Mrs Granger the kiss was a great way to wind Hermione up. It was a rare treat for Hermione to change or grow up instead of Harry changing for her as I found her to be much like the Headmaster in assuming she knows best for Harry and pushing him around to get what she wants, so thanks very much for that.

I always felt the reason she stick with Harry during the Horcrux hunt was she had nowhere else to go and was too blinded by authority to disobey the Headmaster even when dead. I am glad Hermione/Ron did not last and that they did not get too intimate as such a thought makes me ill and given how fertile Weasley’s can be it saved Hermione from being overrun by Weasley children. It was a refreshing change to have Ron go all pure blood when he did not get his way as he is much like Draco but with less class and I am pleased Hermione witnessed it before things went to far between them.

I was glad Neville and Luna really were not involved in anything important and Ginny put in her place.

Tom Riddle was a surprise but a pleasant one its not often he gets to be happy given the Horcrux and the power of possession and sharing blood it does make sense events at the Ministry would have such great consequences. I liked the insight into the Dark Arts and how things turned out the way they did for Tom, the fate of Nagini was rather sweet as for a familiar she is valued but never really loved or cared for in most other fics.

It was a welcome surprise that Severus got to be free the new improved Dark Mark was a really clever idea that cut down on future problems and Malfoy smugness. Minerva being happy and more relaxed was good her methods slightly disturbing but funny and at least the Hogwarts portraits will have something to gossip about I do hope the desks of Hogwarts are sturdy if Albus can costs with poor quality furniture then injuries would be common and take much explaining to Poppy.

Harry’s escape was well done magical people and those who embrace the magical world like Hermione do seem to forget aboy logic, common sense and underestimate non-magical solutions to problems.

The howler was amusing as were all eyes of Draco and Seamus. The modified AK and the Headmasters reaction to it were great and made me laugh.

The Ministries reaction to Harry being prophesied and his killing of Tom Riddle was exactly like what I thought would happen in the last book if Harry did not die. I liked what was done to Fudge, Dolores and the Auror. Rufus was an interesting character I am glad he was given a chance to shine. How Harry would manipulate the truth serum is used was very Slytherin and well thought out Mortal Combat was wonderful world play and a nice flashback moment.

A horny Hermione was fun and it was good to see that side of her, a nice end to the story but part of me hoped for a different ending regarding Hermione but given her fate in the books she deserves to be happy too.

Ron’s fate was an appropriate one as was that of Albus the destruction of the Elder wand seemed to really dent the old man’s confidence. I was glad that Remus learned from his mistakes.

By the way was Ron ever charged for his actions towards Harry?

I loved this story form start to finish a compelling read with many nice details and stuff I wished and hoped for. I look forward to your next story and thanks very much for this one.

Imageless posted a comment on Tuesday 28th December 2010 2:27pm for "Indifference and Neglect"

Excellent story. It was a great read.

Matt posted a comment on Monday 20th December 2010 6:34am for "Indifference and Neglect"

Excellent story. It kept me up FAR past when I should have gone to bed.

Philip Jacobs posted a comment on Monday 20th December 2010 1:40am for "Indifference and Neglect"

Well, this was a novel way for Harry and Tom to work out that pesky prophecy. Thanks for sharing this with us. I happen to think that you really nailed a very likely response from Harry if he'd had just a bit more teenage angst in his soul.

joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 19th December 2010 10:58am for "Indifference and Neglect"

>> "And you’ll all be doomed. So sad... but, there you go."
I just don't see how that line could EVER not be a great addition to any fic. :)