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Tenchifew posted a comment on Tuesday 26th July 2011 3:58am for OWtGoT I: Harry James Potter

Very very nice short story. I like your Harry. Thank you for writing.

normalguycap posted a comment on Wednesday 15th December 2010 6:15pm for OWtGoT I: Harry James Potter

I enjoy your descriptive prowess especially about Harry and gaining his power. However, the story took on a dramatically different tone when H/HR got back to Dumbledore's office. A radical change. Since its like a once shot its ok, but the instant kinkiness and stuff was "whoa hang on life changing shit happened let's grope."

It's always tough to write a convincing romance or whatever, but having the characters say "my love" at times, for some reason just seems awkward when I read it, even though I say it to my own sweetheart and she says it back. That's not a complaint as more an observation on HP fics as a whole.

The story started very strong, but the ending scene got kinda wonky, probably from the dramatic change. But you had a strong conclusion.

I liked reading this all the same.