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noylj posted a comment on Sunday 9th December 2012 10:46pm for "Run"

Nice story, but Hermy seems to have severe mental problems to blame herself for an accidental fall.

Personally, expected to find that some french Malfoy created the "accident" for revenge.

offsides posted a comment on Wednesday 12th September 2012 8:11pm for "Run"

I wish I could write something coherent, but words fail me because this hit so close to home. Damn you.

WalkaboutTigger posted a comment on Saturday 21st July 2012 5:21am for "Run"

<awe-filled voice>Wow!

I did not know it was possible for fan fiction to bring tears to my eyes. I now know it is not only possible but that it has now happened.

An amazing, albeit short, story.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

kyoshi posted a comment on Tuesday 21st February 2012 1:32am for "Run"

Weird story, expecting murder not childbirth accident. It was exciting though!

Alorkin posted a comment on Thursday 7th July 2011 5:58am for "Run"

Every time I read this, I cry again. You have captured the utter anguish of losing a child, and the self-loathing of a new mother when it does happen. My wife Pauline, miscarried our second child, and blamed both me and herself for the loss. One day she handed our daughter to the neighbor, and drove off. I was just coming home for lunch and saw her drive away so I called it in and went after her. Other officers reported her position, and they arranged for a zip-strip to stop her safely. She saw them laying it out and turned the wheel. She drove into a bridge abutment at over 85 miles an hour. I had to pull her broken body from a burning car.

That night, I had to tell my little angel that mommy was never coming home again. I turned in my shield the next day.

That was fifteen years ago, and my little angel is a sarcastic and frequently disobedient teenager, who is, for all that, a pretty good kid.


Oh, by the way, Steve, My E-mail is down for the time being.


Sankara posted a comment on Tuesday 15th February 2011 1:35pm for "Run"

Wow. I think I was pretty much indifferent until the last two paragraphs, then you just blew me away.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 2:07am for "Run"

This is a Interesting story

thaumologist posted a comment on Thursday 13th January 2011 8:53pm for "Run"

Very much liked this. I could see where it was going, but that wasn't really a bad thing. ~You paced it well, and you stayed sensible. Thanks for writing


Chiyo posted a comment on Friday 17th December 2010 5:04pm for "Run"

Without question one of my favorite H/Hr authors has finally made it to

You deserve it. Cannot wait to have the rest of the fics up!

*goes off to find [u]The Real Us[/u] on that "other" site*

chris7200 posted a comment on Friday 17th December 2010 6:00am for "Run"

I'm of two minds on this one. No doubt it's a powerfully written and compelling story. That said, Hermione's character just doesn't ring true for me. She's always struck me as both a strong and logical character. I'm by no means a canonista, but I find myself wondering just what caused her, for lack of a better phrase, psychotic break. Pregnancy loss is awful, which I know from personal experience, but I had trouble empathizing with the character as she was written. Regardless, it was definitely worth the read. Thanks.

David Thacker posted a comment on Wednesday 15th December 2010 3:13am for "Run"

Was this the same title that you had it under on yahoo?

normalguycap posted a comment on Tuesday 14th December 2010 11:50pm for "Run"

Wow. This was good. I don't know too much of what to say, this was just good IMO. The writing itself, word choice, desciptions and story. I was sorta kinda disappointed when it turned out to be only an accident and not the purposefully evil thing it was made out to be, but that was minor.

You gotta a thing for torturing Hermione huh? :P Well that should be a good contrast to Bobmin here. Still, supplement dark stories with a happy one once and a while.

gotta go to work, so I'll read and review your longer ones later.
Good luck being here on the site!